What You Can Do with an Auto Xscape Tool

Driving in a car or any sort of vehicle has its risks. After all, you’re riding at high speeds over manmade roads, perhaps even facing all sorts of weather on a long drive. Experience and skill in driving counts for a lot, but that doesn’t negate the fact that we all have to stay prepared. A little research and preparation beforehand, especially if we’re in our car for a long period of time, can enhance our safety. At times, having just the right tool or gadget can even save our lives and prevent serious injury. 

Speaking of tools and gadgets, this is where the Auto Xscape discussion comes in. The Auto Xscape life-saving tool is an essential addition to your car, so you should seriously think about investing in one.

What is an Auto Xscape Tool? 

Auto Xscape Tool

If you’ve been wondering how to keep your car safe on the road, you may also have been thinking about your own safety. The latter is why an Auto Xscape tool is such a good idea. In a nutshell, this tool is what you need for emergency escape from your vehicle should the need arise. The brand NGEAR is the name behind this gadget, there are other multitool options on the market, but this one seems to be among the best. 

Overall, the Auto Xscape tool contains three main tools in one design. These are:

  • A seatbelt cutter
  • An LED flashlight
  • A glass window punch

Taking into account these three tools in one, the Auto Xscape option is evidently a useful asset to keep within reach. In an emergency, such as if you’re stuck in the vehicle after an accident, the Auto Xscape tool can help to conduct a self-rescue. This could potentially save lives, time, and many precious resources. The alternative is usually to wait for rescue teams to arrive, which could take too long and not be effective in the end. 

What is the Main Aim of the Auto Xscape Tool? 

Main Aim of the Auto Xscape Tool

The main aim of the manufacturers and designers behind the Auto Xscape is to provide car occupants with an emergency exit in dangerous situations. There are also several other car gadgets that one can buy for their safety. However, the Auto Xscape tool pretty much  prepares you for most serious emergencies (non-medical). 

What Can We Do With an Auto Xscape Tool?

What Can We Do With an Auto Xscape Tool

Let’s now come to the main point; what can we expect to do with the Auto Xscape tool? While we always hope to remain safe while traveling anywhere, the harsh reality is that any kind of transportation is risky. The car that you feel so comfortable in right now could trap you inside if it falls into a ditch, crashes into a tree, or rolls over after slipping on a patch of snow. One of the worst case scenarios is if the car somehow sinks into a body of water. At these moments, the seat belts and car doors might get stuck; you may not even be able to roll the window down and escape that way. 

This is why you need something like the Auto Xscape  tool at hand. No, it’s not enough to have it in the trunk of your car or stashed away in your tool box. You need it front and center and within easy reach. With the window smasher, seatbelt cutter, and flashlight, you can hopefully escape and rescue other people in the car as well. The flashlight will help to locate the right areas for cutting or smoking if the incident occurs at night. 

Advantages of Using the Auto Xscape Tool

Advantages of Using the Auto Xscape Tool

Below are the main advantages of having the Auto Xscape tool on hand:

  • There’s no need to keep track of three tools in your car. You also won’t waste time reaching for different tools to deal with different situations. 
  • The tool comes with a vehicle mount, which we can keep on the driver’s door to make access even easier. 
  • The Auto Xscape tool helps us to act quickly, which could be a matter of life and death; if the car falls into a river, for instance, experts say that the occupants have just a minute to break out in order to survive
  • The Auto Xscape tool is ANSI IPX7 Certified, which means that it’s both shock resistant and water resistant. 
  • This tool weighs less than 6 ounces, which makes it fairly easy to pack up and take on a trip. It can also come in handy on a short fishing, camping, or hiking trip even if you’re not in a car. Stash it in your backpack while on the go, and it may become a very effective weapon for self-defense, a flashlight for regular use in the dark, etc. There are three brightness settings, so use whichever one seems suitable at the moment
  • The puncture point on the tool is made using tungsten steel. This is a very strong material that can help you break even tempered glass without too much effort. 

At the end of the day, it just makes sense to keep an Auto Xscape tool in your car. If it never comes in use, that’s actually the best scenario. Like a fire extinguisher, we hope that such gadgets won’t even be needed but it’s still important to have them on hand. 

Tips for Effectively Using the Auto Xscape Tool

Tips for Effectively Using the Auto Xscape Tool

There are certain ways to utilize the Auto Xscape in the best possible manner. Let’s have a look at these so that we know the best method for making use of this tool:

  • Before trying to call for help or taking any other action, unbuckle the seatbelt. In some cases, the buckle might get stuck; your first action then should be to use the Auto Xscape tool to cut the belt and free yourself. Do the same for anyone else who’s strapped into the car. 
  • The tail cap on the Auto Xscape tool will reveal the cutter. Use this by first tightening the belt using one hand, and handling the cutter with the other. Place the blade on the edge of the seat belt and firmly cut in a diagonal fashion. 
  • If you’re sinking in water, the next step should be rolling down the car window, not opening the car door.  Opening the door will probably not be possible due to the intense pressure from the water, so don’t waste time in that area. If you’re in some other emergency situation, figure out which escape point will be better; the windows or the door. 
  • If the windows and doors both don’t open easily, use the Auto Xscape’s window smasher tool to break the windows. This is the pointed end, though there’s also a point within the tail cap itself that might be more effective. 
  • Be sure to hold the Auto Xscape gadget as firmly as possible and take aim at the corner of your window. Don’t aim for the middle, as that can cause too many jagged edges that can hurt you while getting out. You may have to hit the window several times with hard and frequent knocks until the glass breaks.  
  • Stay prepared for cutting your hands and fingers, as breaking windows usually leads to such injuries. You might be able to prevent this by wearing thick gloves if they’re in the car, but first gauge whether you have enough time. 
  • Along with locating the right places to use the Auto Xscape tool in the dark, the flashlight part can also be used as a means to call for help. You can use it to signal ‘SOS’ or use Morse Code to spell out a message. 
  • Make sure to mount the Auto Xscape tool on the driver’s door or the steering wheel so that it can be easily used in emergencies
  • Make sure to act swiftly, especially if your car is sinking in a body of water. There won’t be much time then, so try to cut the seatbelt and smash the window in a couple of hard, rapid motions. 
  • Utilize the center shaft of the tool whenever possible. This is a rubberized area which should ensure that your hand doesn’t get sprains in the process. 
  • Prevention is best, so make sure to check carefully where your GPS is leading you. It may seem strange and unrealistic, but many people actually drive into rivers or lakes due to blindly following GPS instructions. 


The Auto Xscape tool is certainly a useful addition to any car. It’s especially recommended for road trips, long commutes, or in areas where there’s a higher chance of accidents. One may also be glad of it during the winter season when there’s a higher chance of snow-related accidents. It’s always good to be prepared, so investing in the Auto Xscape tool should be a top priority for anyone with a vehicle.