Keeping a Car Interior Cool During Hot Weather

car under the sun

Beautiful clear blue skies and the sun shining may be a pleasant sight, but let’s face it, it’s getting hotter and hotter each year. In particular, drivers do not enjoy the experience of the intense heat and getting into a car parked under the hot sun. It feels like you’re being roasted alive, right? That … Read more

Tips To Effectively Monitor Your Car


Each day, we see news reports about car accidents, both minor and fatal ones. Though uncontrollable situations can bring these mishaps, some are due to drivers failing to effectively monitor their cars. Thus, resulting in subpar car capability and reliability and eventual troubles. Remember, car safety and health should be your utmost priority. With that, … Read more

Tips for Storing Your Car Long Term

Storing Your Car Long Term

When you have a car, there might come a day that you may need to store it for a long time. Maybe you’re going on an extended vacation, or perhaps you have a car that is not practical for driving in ice or snow. Knowing how to store your car long term properly is a … Read more

What types of speaker systems can you install in a car?

burmester audio-system for cars

The first thing enthusiasts do upon purchasing a new vehicle is perhaps change the speaker systems. Let’s face it. Manufacturer-provided speakers are no good and will only keep your ears ringing. This is because the manufacturers try to balance economy and quality. In most cases, the balance leans more towards the economy rather than the … Read more

History of Model Flying

A die cast Boeing 747-400 model

Model flying is one of the most followed hobbies in the world. Enthusiasts spend a large amount of money to get their hands on the best model aircrafts that are capable of flying at great speeds and perform acrobatics as well. There was a time when one could hardly imagine aircrafts would be controlled via … Read more

What are the major car audio brands?

Car Audio System

Although vehicles today come with pre-installed audio systems but for some people it is not enough. Extreme sound fanatics usually called audiophiles are not satisfied unless they install one of the top brands available in the market. While vehicle manufacturers try to balance budget and quality, audiophiles are not concerned with the budget but only … Read more

What are the different types of RC car models?

Toy-grade RC cars

Remote control cars are miniature model cars that are usually controlled by either radios or remote. Furthermore, these remote control cars come in several types such as electric, nitro-powered, gasoline-powered, and others, etc. The term “RC” has been used for both remote control and radio control. However, most of the RC car models today refer … Read more