Tips for Taking Your Juicer on the Road with You

Living a healthy lifestyle means you need to invest in some tools and equipment that will help you achieve these goals. And these pieces of equipment may come at a hefty price and are usually fragile. So proper handling and maintenance are just some of the responsibilities of a good consumer when using delicate juicers.

Well, all these things should be basic knowledge to juicing fans. However, things will be more challenging when they need to be consistent on their juicing diet while they need to do long travel. Since you cannot bring everything in your bag and you will need to travel as light as possible, you will have limited access to resources as compared to when you’re juicing at home.

Now, to maintain your juicing diet while you’re on the road, you need to consider some factors or get yourself a masticating juicer. This is to make sure that your juicer doesn’t get damaged while being able to extract the same juice as you do in your kitchen. And still, be able to enjoy your long road trip while not consuming a tremendous amount of time just to prepare your nutritious juices.

Carry your Juicer in a Secure Travelling Bag

Carrying your juicer can be challenging since most juicers are big and fragile. So for you to bring your juicer on the road, you will need to shelter them in a secure traveling bag. Make sure there are no spaces between the juicer and the inner walls of the bag by putting some clothes or soft compressible objects with them. This will act as a shock absorber to prevent the juicer from bouncing back and forth against the inner walls of the bag as you travel.

Aside from placing an improvised shock absorber with the juicer, you also need to make sure that the bag is a secured hand-carry bag. This means that it is not a bag that you can toss around, and it needs to be handled with care.

Never Bring Fragile Juicer Accessories

If your juicer comes with delicate accessories, never have second thoughts of bringing them with you, especially when these accessories can be easily replaced. This will just require more space inside your traveling bag and will be at risk of being damaged and misplaced. Most juicer accessories are difficult to find in stores when damaged or lost, while some of them can be costly. So, you should not bring them when you travel.

Instead, you can consider using alternative ways such as borrowing bowls or glass at the hotel you’re staying in. This way, you can save yourself from carrying more items in your bag that eventually weigh you down.

Bring a Handy Cutting Board and Tool

Cutting fruits and vegetables can be messy, especially for soft and squishy pulps. So, to lessen the necessary cleaning after juicing, you should bring a small cutting board with a handy knife with you. Just make sure that they will not consume large spaces in your traveling bag. Always travel light and tight.

Use a Compressible Cooler

Juicing requires fresh fruits and vegetables, and sometimes they come with cubes of ice for a refreshing delight. Of course, you will not place these things in your traveling bag along with your clothes. They will become soaking wet even before you can juice your fruits and veggies.

To prevent this from happening, you should bring a compressible cooler with you. In here, you can put all your fruits, veggies, and ice cubes while guaranteeing their freshness as you travel. A compressible cooler can be placed lightly along with your traveling bag.

Always Bring a Cleaning Brush

One thing that most juicing fans tend to forget when having long travels with their juicer is to bring a cleaning brush with them. When you extract the juice using your juicer, small strands from the fruit and veggie tend to stick inside the juicer and will be difficult to remove by water or cloth alone. And if these small strands are left to stay in your juicer for days, they will harden themselves with the juicer, making them more difficult or impossible to remove.

Just make sure to always bring a cleaning brush with you when traveling with a juicer. And all these problems can be easily washed away with a stroke of your brush.