Which Car Speakers Are the Most Expensive?

Car rides can get long and tedious, so it’s always nice to have the option of listening to something on your car speakers. You may prefer to blast music to enhance the mood during a seemingly endless road trip, or perhaps make full use of your commute time by listening to podcasts and audiobooks. Whatever the case may be, we can all agree that the speaker sounds need to be crisp, clear, and on point. 

Unfortunately, not every vehicle comes equipped with quality audio equipment. Some may have passable speakers straight from the factory, but they might still not do justice to the volume and intensity you want in your listening experience. This is why it makes sense to invest in a car speaker system and upgrade your ride.  

What Should a Car Speaker System Offer? 

What Should a Car Speaker System Offer

The most expensive and high-quality car speaker systems should give us a clear, natural, and digital sound. With the technology we have today, there are even subwoofers available that can enhance your car audio sound without taking up too much space.

What are the Brands to Consider? 

What are the Brands to Consider

The most popular brands for car speakers, and hence some of the most expensive as well, include:

  • Kicker Audio
  • JL Audio
  • Boss
  • Pioneer
  • Sony
  • Blaupunkt

For more names to keep in mind, here’s a discussion of the major car audio brands in the market today. 

While there are some less mainstream brands that offer great quality at a lower price, the general consensus is that they might not last as long as the more expensive systems. You might get lucky every now and then, but it’s probably better to play it safe. 

In a nutshell, paying top dollar right now is more likely to get you a quality set of car speakers for your vehicle. The brands listed above have an established reputation; there’s a high chance of them honoring their warranties and making sure the customer is satisfied with the sound. With the lesser known names, you might get stuck with car speakers that lose their sound quality after a few months. In the long run, it’s actually cheaper to go the expensive route once rather than buy inexpensive speakers over and over again.  Read up on the online review to determine whether expensive car speakers have good sound.

Features to Look for in the Most Expensive Car Speakers

Features to Look for in the Most Expensive Car Speakers

When choosing a new audio system, it’s important to remember that even the most expensive car speakers doesn’t absolutely guarantee a quality sound experience. This is not to say that they won’t be of high quality, but that every car has its own requirements. It’s best to look up and compare a few car speaker options so that you get the best choice for your specific vehicle. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind now:

1. Ensure Voice Matching

Ensure Voice Matching

The most expensive car speaker system will include both front and rear additions, so we have to make sure that everything is voice-matched. This means that we have to get each speaker form the same series and same brand. While some might have successful combinations from different brands, this method is usually a risk.

2. Sizes


The usual rule of thumb is that larger car speaker systems are better if you like listening to loud music. However, this rule might not be so applicable anymore. Some of the most expensive car speakers can come in compact sizes but are very powerful and give a high quality audio output. At all events, check for the sound range before going for the larger sizes.

3. Full-Range vs. Two-Way vs. Three-Way

Full-Range vs. Two-Way vs. Three-Way

Full range speakers are also usually more expensive since they include almost every sound element you would want for your car. These include tweeters to give out higher sounds, woofers to give out low sounds, and a minimum of 20Hz. Full-range speakers are your best bet if you want to replace your current car speakers without going through a lot of hassle. However, they don’t always produce the best kind of sound. 

Two-way speakers are usually a more expensive choice, but they produce much better sound quality that actually lasts. With a twitter and midbass woofer that complement each other, you get access to a very wide range of sounds. The audio crossovers do increase the price of such a system and might lead to static if you prefer to play music at a relatively low volume. 

Three-way speakers make use of a mid-range driver, a tweeter, and a subwoofer. The result is that they give you a great audio range with little compromise on sound quality. Basically, you get the 2-speaker system here with a mid-range speaker instead of the mid-range woofer. There’s also an additional subwoofer in these systems. For the price difference, you get an incredible sound system with powerful bass, high-pitched treble, and little static if any.

4. Quality Materials

Quality Materials

If you’ve had your car for some time or have just purchased a used car, you may notice that the factory speakers have very low sound quality. This is because there are usually paper cones in these systems, which can quickly deteriorate over time. 

On the other hand, getting aftermarket speaker cones are made using high-grade materials. These are hence more hardy and even have a better design for moving around. The sound is just better, while the speakers also last much longer than the factory speakers. 

The materials of a tweeter, for instance, usually include textile or poly blends. There might even be silk inside the speaker, which is a great material for giving out an amazing, refined, quality sound. 

However, what if you don’t want a soft and refined sound, but something snappier like rock, punk, or metal music? In that case, you can opt for tweeters that have hard materials. There are graphite and metal options, so check out which one will be best for your car. 

If you look at the woofers of an expensive car speaker system, you’d notice that they have a very sturdy and durable surrounding material. The rubber ones are usually the most expensive, though there are foam or cloth options too.


At the end of the day, we have to remember that not every car will accommodate the speaker size you have in mind. If you’ve decided on upgrading your car speakers, look into the installation steps and specifications first. After deciding on some expensive car speakers, you don’t want to waste the whole system if it doesn’t fit. The hardest step can be accessing the factory speakers, so make sure you know how to disassemble that area. There’s always the option of hiring a professional for the job; this could save you time, effort, and financial loss. To make things a bit easier, here are some types of speaker systems you can install in a car.