What Are The Most Popular Cartoons Of All Time?

Animation is among the most prominent type of media. Cartoons are extremely popular among children everywhere around the world. Growing up, many people liked watching fictitious characters and fantasizing about amusing plots. 

These cartoons made people look forward to weekend mornings and made coming home from school extra exciting. Some influenced generations by influencing how they perceived truth and imagination. In return, these people aid in enhancing creativity.

Several of the earliest TV memories are related to cartoon TV shows. Some shows are simply timely. They strike at the exact moment and attract budding creativity. 

When assessing cartoon programs, you’re not just reviewing TV shows. You’re judging people’s childhoods. With countless different styles and tones, animation has been one of the broader TV subgroups. Animation is more difficult to evaluate than other forms of media because it includes anime, cartoons, films, short series, web series, and adult-oriented entertainment.

There have been a lot of amazing cartoon TV shows throughout time. However, which shows can be regarded as the best? So narrowing it down, here are the most popular cartoons of all time. 

Kim Possible

Kim Possible is an example of Disney’s great animation programs over generations. Even though the main protagonists were springing and back flipping all the time, the program looked fantastic. The designs of this show’s characters, including the heroes and every one of their diverse group of villains, were distinct and amusing.

Kim and Ron shared their challenging heroic activities with their normal teen concerns in the show. In classic Disney style, the worries Kim encountered in her personal life managed to fix themselves while on a mission. The show had tremendous action, amusing humor, and incredible voice acting.

Among the best things about this cartoon show is its positive influence on young women. Kim Possible demonstrated to girls worldwide that they, too, can be heroes. Kim was smart, bold, witty, and she was much like all the other teenagers at the end of the day. 

Ms. Possible could make some mistakes, but she consistently did what was right in the end. She was an icon for so many children and adolescents because of that. 

Dragon Ball Z

Millions of people view this Japanese animation in many regions of the world. Other cartoons have been made in the country, but Goku, Dragon Ball Z’s main protagonist, is the most well-known. Even though he’s just a kid, this boy is a martial arts legend.

Son Goku’s adolescent adventures resume in Dragon Ball Z, as he and his comrades protect the Earth from evil. Following the show’s success in the US, the manga chapters of this show were initially distributed under the Dragon Ball Z label. 

The anime’s success has also inspired countless media and products that make up a large portion of content under the Dragon Ball series. Despite multiple adaptations and re-releases, Dragon Ball Z continues to be a worldwide classic.


Pokémon initially broke onto the mass as a game franchise for the Nintendo Gameboy, and after that, it developed into a huge and powerful success. Children learned to eat, absorb, and swallow practically everything linked with the Japanese pocket monsters, notably the charming Pikachu. After being the best-selling product brand globally, the firm went to media and aired the animated TV series. 

The show’s protagonist, game hero Ash Ketchum, and his buddy Pikachu embarked on becoming Pokémon masters. In Ash and Pikachu’s quest to become Pokémon masters, they sometimes fought and challenged other Pokémon teams and the different species themselves.

The Pokémon franchise wasn’t restricted to the TV series, which is currently ongoing. Several films would be produced through the years, with Ash pursuing his mission. Pokémon is now one of the most popular cartoon series ever.


Growing up, most people saw the bunch of young detectives solve mysteries. The graphics are fantastic for a cartoon TV show that launched in the mid-’60s. Scooby-Doo was constantly terrified as he trailed along, yet fortune appeared to embrace him. 

The primary cast stands out against the gloomy setting thanks to their bright costumes. The series’ antagonists are iconic, even though they are evident in their true nature as adults. 

Shaggy and Scooby generate endless laughter with their great jokes, while the rest of the group serve as fantastic secondary characters. You can’t deny that Scooby-Doo is a classic.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry is a US-produced animated TV series of short films established in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. It is built on a slapstick comedic competition between its two characters, Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse, including several recurring characters. 

In just about all episodes, Jerry avoided Tom’s efforts to capture him and lived to torment him again the next day. Sometimes, Tom emerged victoriously, or the two would team up against a single foe. The series was driven largely by action and visual hilarity, and the two practically never spoke.

The classic cat and mouse chase are based on Tom and Jerry’s rivalry. This cartoon show is one of the most popular on television, and it has impacted a slew of new animated series. Aside from the show, some films about the two rivals have been released. This classic can be regarded as among the top ’50s cartoons released. 

The Simpsons

The Simpsons characters

This cartoon TV show was reportedly the first cartoon on television featuring adult content. The primary protagonist, Homer Simpson, continually gets caught up in awkward scenarios. The modern world is depicted in this show, including its more explicit parts.

The Simpsons have a large cast of main and secondary characters. The humor was clever, and the gags made people laugh aloud in their own homes. Each character in the show had their specialty and touched everyone’s funny bone in their particular way. 

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse sliding on the water

This animation initially debuted in 1928, and to this day, it’s still a great success. Surprisingly, Mickey Mouse seems to be the single cartoon character recognized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Walt Disney Company’s mascot, Mickey Mouse, is a fictional character invented by Walt Disney in 1928. Mickey is a humanoid mouse known for wearing red shorts, giant yellow shoes, and white gloves. He is among the most well-known fictional characters in the world.

Mickey is frequently seen with his lover Minnie Mouse, his beloved pet Pluto, his buddies Donald Duck and Goofy, and his antagonist Pete. Although initially described as a mischievous, charming rogue, Mickey was rebranded throughout time as a lovely guy, commonly seen as an honorable and swoon-worthy hero. 

In 2009, Disney began to reinvent the concept by focusing less on his pleasant, well-intentioned image and reviving the character’s more daring and headstrong qualities.