What Types of Speaker Systems Can You Install in a Car?

The first thing enthusiasts do upon purchasing a new vehicle is perhaps change the speaker systems. Let’s face it. Manufacturer-provided speakers are no good and will only keep your ears ringing. This is because the manufacturers try to balance economy and quality.

In most cases, the balance leans more towards the economy rather than the quality. Therefore, enthusiasts try to get their hands on the best speaker systems available in the market. However, considering the different types and varieties, choosing the right type of speaker system can be a complicated process. Let’s discuss them in detail and try to find the best possible match. 

Types of Speaker Systems

Aftermarket speaker systems are divided into two categories, component speakers and full range or coaxial speakers. Take a look at the difference below.

Component Speakers

If you are looking for the best quality speakers, then consider component speakers. Let us inform you at the beginning that these things are not cheap. The reason being that component speakers feature superior design and multiple drives to provide optimum sound quality.

The speaker is designed in such a way that each driver is responsible for operating within its own ideal range of frequencies. Since high-quality audio is the main concern, the components are made of better materials as well. As a result, they are able to produce dynamic and detailed sounds.

Furthermore, component speakers systems include separate tweeters, woofers, and external crossovers. Although these components are designed to work separately but when woofers and tweeters etc. are installed, they are made to work together to produce even better sound quality. In addition to that, if you choose to install component speakers in your car, you can mount the drivers in different areas of the car as well to incorporate clarity and depth.

Lastly, the crossover network is external from the woofer and tweeter as well. Therefore, the internal components can be of higher quality. This ensures that the frequencies sent to the drivers have a sharp delineation.

Full Range (Coaxial)

Full Range speakers also known as Coaxial speakers will be an ideal choice if you do not prefer fuss and want to replace your factory speakers easily. Furthermore, these types of speakers tend to be the most popular type in the market and happen to consist of all speaker elements in one. It normally consists of a woofer designed for low bass sounds along with a tweeter for high notes.

In addition to that, some full-range speakers consist of midrange or super tweeter drivers as well. Since these speakers come in different varieties, you can simply remove the original ones and install these.

External Crossovers

Component speaker systems usually use external crossovers to achieve clean frequency separation sent to the tweeter and woofer. This way, the tweeter, and woofer do not waste energy in reproducing frequencies they are not intended to produce in the first place. As a result, you get to enjoy more efficient and cleaner sound production.

Furthermore, many external crossovers have extra input terminals to allow bi-amping. Instead of driving the tweeter and woofer using a single channel of amplification, you basically connect two sets of cables, with each set carrying the signal from a separate amplifier. As a result, both low-frequency drivers and high-frequency drivers received dedicated amplification.

External crossovers can also be differentiated into two categories, passive and active crossovers. Passive crossovers do not require their own power source are inexpensive and easy to install as well. However, when compared to their active counterparts, they are less efficient. This is because they are installed between the driver and amp. With that being said, component speakers come with their own passive crossovers.

Other Types of Speakers


Subwoofers are designed to handle the lowest frequency sounds that add depth to the music. Furthermore, some subwoofers require an enclosure along with an amplifier as well. Lastly, they are available from 8 inches to 15 inches in size.


Midbass speakers are designed to handle deep sounds in mid-to-low range frequencies such as lower octave vocals and bass drums. Moreover, they can be added to any full-range or component speaker system depending on your needs and preference.


Although tweeters are the smallest in size but you cannot underestimate their significance. These types of speakers are designed to handle the highest sound frequencies such as high hats and cymbals. Furthermore, tweeters also provide detail and clarity to instruments and voices as well. When tweeters are installed with component speaker systems, they are mounted higher than the woofers. However, when installed in a full range coaxial system, tweeters tend to be suspended and mounted in the middle of the woofer.

Final Word

When it comes to selecting the perfect speaker system for your car, it all depends on your budget and the amount of information you possess about these things. Even if you own one of the top 20 luxury car brands, you still can look at great options to upgrade.  You can either go for a simple reliable set of speakers or you can get into the nuance of what makes your overall music listening experience legendary. In any case, you cannot go wrong with any of the speakers mentioned above.