Tips for Storing Your Car Long Term

When you have a car, there might come a day that you may need to store it for a long time. Maybe you’re going on an extended vacation, or perhaps you have a car that is not practical for driving in ice or snow. Knowing how to store your car long term properly is a great advantage because if you let your car sit on the garage or street for a long time, it may have a damaged engine, dead battery, or ruined tires. That is why in this article, we are going to list down the things that you should do before storing your vehicle. These steps may help preserve your car’s engine’s life and make sure that it works perfectly when you use it again.  You can also think about some great gifts for the car lover in your friends or family.

Storing Your Car Long Term 2

Fill up its gas tank

If you are going to leave your car for a few months, make sure to fill up the tank. This is because if you leave it empty or half full, chances are the tank will develop some rust. Aside from this, you can also add some corrosion inhibitor fuel stabilizer to help avoid any internal damage. If you’re going to do this, make sure that you drive your car around a little bit to make sure that the fuel is mixed well and has spread into the rest of the engine. 

However, if you are going to store your car for longer than a year or two, it is best that you empty your tank and just refill it again.

Put your car on jacks

Leaving your car unused for a long time means its tires will have to endure consistent weight on the same part. That is why it is best to take the wheels off and parking it on jack stands at all four corners. This step might take some effort, but it can save you from needing a new set of tires.

Change the oil

If you’re planning to leave your car for a week or two, you might have to skip this step. However, if you’re going in for more than thirty days, you might need to change its oil because leaving it stagnant for too long can cause engine oil contaminants, which could damage your car’s engine. 

Wash and wax it

It is essential to leave your car washed and waxed before you store it long term so that grease, dirt, and other debris will not ruin the car long term. Waxing your vehicle will add another level of protection to your car’s exterior appearance.

Put the tailpipe

Plugging the tailpipe on your car will make sure that it will keep moisture and critters out. We suggest that you plug the tailpipe along with a rag or aluminum foil just to make sure the hole is correctly covered. Aside from this, it would be best if you look for any entry points in your car, such as open windows. 

Keep the battery charged

Leaving your car’s battery unattended for a long time will cause it to lose its charge. If you can ask someone to start your car every two weeks for about fifteen minutes, it would greatly help. However, if you cannot arrange for someone to start your vehicle, it is best to disconnect the negative battery cable. 

Avoid using the parking brake

If your car’s parking brake connects for too long, it can connect with the wheel’s interior. That is why instead of using the parking brake, we suggest that you use a wheel clock instead or a piece of wood to stop the tires.

Keep it covered

Even if your car is in your garage or in a climate-controlled environment, damages can still happen. That is why it is best to keep your vehicle covered if you’re going to leave it for a long time to prevent any debris from falling on it and scratching your car.