Why Should You Avoid Working in Car

Today, working at home is one of the most booming ways to earn money. Especially in places where transportation is a bit challenging, working in the comforts of your home would definitely be an excellent idea. Some companies allow their employees to work remotely, which is a great way to save time and effort, as well as money.

If you are to work remotely, this doesn’t mean you need to have an office at home dedicatedto your job. Online workers have wide possibilities on how they can perform their job, even without having to report at the office. As long as you have a laptop and a stable internet connection, working in the comforts of your home wouldn’t be much of a problem.

However, there are times that you don’t feel like working in your house. Another option that you can turn into your workspace is your car. Some people constantly work in their car for various reasons. Whatever the reason, working in your car is a comfortable experience, which allows you to be productive and versatile.

Just like working in the office, doing your work inside your car also impose various restrictions. Furthermore, if you have a nice and stable place you can work, working in your car is something you should avoid as much as possible. In this article, we are going to look into different reasons why you should avoid working in your car.

Unstable Internet

The first disadvantage of working in your car is an unstable internet connection. When you work at the office or at home, your internet connection is at a good status since it is usually connected to a router. Being connected to a router allows your device to have a stable connection, which significantly avoids lag and buffering. Having a stable internet connection is essential, mainly if your work requires you to do video conferencing, research, calls, and so on – all of which require a good running internet connection to run smoothly. If you work in your car, you would most probably be using only your data connection. The bad news about this is that data connections tend to be unstable depending on the place, which might cause lag. Having such an unreliable connection is not a good feature when it comes to doing your work remotely.

Prone to Distractions

If you decided to work in your car, you would be exposed to various distractions most of the time. Not having a peaceful and quiet place to park your car would only make you prone to distractions: people walking down the street, dogs barking, children playing outside; there are several things or situations that might catch your attention. If you are working in your car, being distracted is something you should avoid since it is a productivity killer. And with all the distractions present outside your house, this feature seems to make your remote job a lot more challenging.

You Have Limited Power

When you work inside your car, it is evident that your power supply would be limited. Your power supply would mostly come from your car’s batteries, which is not a great choice if you are planning to work for countless hours. Most probably, you might be using a laptop for your work; however, it also requires power to operate. A laptop’s battery could only last for a few hours before it shuts down. When its battery is low, you would be prompted to use a charger to give it the power it needs. This means that your car’s battery would also be working constantly to provide power. Not to mention, you would also be using your car’s air conditioner, lights, and other features that require power. These features are not the best if you are planning to work inside your car for several hours.

Working Inside Your Car Could Get Uncomfortable

As obvious as it seems, working inside your car would not be as comfortable as working at your home or office. Your car seat is designed for you to have the best driving experience. Sitting on your car seat for hour\s with your laptop does not promise the best experience as it could lead to muscle pain if you sat there for too long. Working inside your car does not give you enough room to stretch your muscles, which causes aches.