Tips for Parking Luxury Cars

Your car is your ally to do anything and get anywhere you want. including going to the supermarket, bringing your kids to school, or reaching top tourist destinations. That’s why it’s crucial to park your cars safely to avoid any damage to your car.

Things even become quite a little bit complicated if you’re driving a luxury car. Your huge investment is always the threat of theft and vandalism. Of course, there is the omnipresent danger of accidental damages. Curb a rim and expect to shell out thousands of dollars for repairs.

While there’s no way you can prepare for each risk, there are lots of ways you can keep them at a minimum. With that said, here are our top tips for parking your luxury car, so you may provide your precious four-wheeler the best possible protection. We also give you some tips about the best Luxury Car Slots you can play today. 

Take it slow and devote utmost caution.

Accidents and damages usually happen when you’re in a rush. That’s why it’s important to take it slow and give yourself ample time. Make parking systematic by following the basic rules but apply utmost caution in the process.

Often, one gentle step on the clutch or gas pedal spells a lot of difference in high-horsepower luxury cars. Such a slight press can already make your car gush, wreaking havoc not only on your vehicle but all that’s situated in front. You’ll be paying hefty amounts for the repair, plus the charges for all the damage you’ve made.

To avoid thousands of dollars of unnecessary cost and to protect your luxury car’s overall value, which can drastically go down once damaged, just maneuver slowly and surely, it’s worth it.

Hone your spatial awareness.

Spatial awareness greatly impacts all aspects of driving, even parking. On the road, it helps you determine your position in relation to the things around you, such as other vehicles, sidewalks, or street poles. It’s also responsible for helping you judge the width of your car, the area of the parking spot, and the angle you need to take. As such, it’s a crucial part of parking that only those who have great spatial awareness can do it flawlessly.

If you don’t have it yet, don’t fret as spatial awareness is an ongoing skill. That means you can always improve it to have a better sense of your surroundings. Before parking your luxury car, you can always get down first to better gauge how much space you have on all sides. It’ll give you greater familiarity with how much space you have to maneuver, plus make you more aware of your car’s edges. Thus, ensuring that you won’t bump into anything or swipe other parked cars.

Another way to develop your spatial awareness is by improving your parallel parking. Find a huge space where you can practice using cones.  While you can practice on the streets, having a Mercedes or Bentley means lots of people will be spectating. So, better practice in private until you get more confident. Do it numerous times, until you get the gist of it. Soon, spatial awareness will be second nature, helping you park your four-wheeler seamlessly.

Don’t rely solely on parking sensors and cameras.

Technology undoubtedly made handling cars easier. Year by year, people see the introduction of newer features aimed to assist drivers and make driving and parking safer.

As mentioned, however, they are meant to act as aids that can provide you with useful information and confidence. It doesn’t mean that you should solely depend on them. It’s still advisable to use your own eyesight and intuition when parking.

Sensors are good in detecting vertical objects but may be less effective to those lying flat on the ground. Meanwhile, cameras may alter the depth and distance around your luxury car, causing misjudgments. So, just use them as helpful tools and combine them with your own skills to avoid any mishaps when parking.

Find a spotter.

Some people find it embarrassing to get a spotter. Same with the idea of the famous adage “two heads are better than one,” “four eyes see more than two” when it comes to parking. Truth to be told, it’s more shameful to have your luxury car damaged, pay expensive fixes, and spend time waiting for the repairs to be done, all because you didn’t get all the help you can.

Check the parking location.

Regardless of whether you’re parking indoors or outdoors, it’s imperative to inspect what’s overhead and see if there’s anything that may fall on your luxury car. Parking underneath tall or huge trees is a big no-no as branches or relatively heavier fruits may drop, especially during sudden downpours or heavy thunderstorms. Trees also serve as birds’ homes. Their droppings are high in uric acid, making them corrosive. It can easily corrode your vehicle’s exteriors, peel paint and coats, and leave unsightly etchings.

Construction sites also pose risks in damaging your car. Despite being a few meters from the exact site, you’ll still see some dust and debris building up on your car even after a short while. Extremely windy days can even bring lightweight to relatively heavier objects flying farther, which can then cause serious damage to your car. With that, it’s always better to just spend extra time finding better parking spots.

Be wary of theft.

A luxury car will always inevitably draw attention from people who admire your vehicle, as well as from those with ill-intent. You have to accept the fact that risks for theft will always be higher, so you’ll also need to step up to mitigate them.

Never park your car in dodgy neighborhoods or those with high crime rates. Don’t leave expensive items in your hide and hide them in the compartment to avoid break-ins. Some thieves, however, are far too desperate and will try to even take items seemingly of no value. It’s better to place stuff in the storage boxes or under a seat to keep away all potential items that may pique their interest.

If you need to go somewhere and park at night, parking near light poles and near businesses usually ward thieves off who would fare better accomplishing their bad deeds in secluded and dark areas of the streets. It’s a plus if the business has CCTV cameras, as thieves often aren’t comfortable when they know they are being watched.

Final Words

That’s the rundown of the best tips for parking your luxury car. While risks are inevitable, you can just keep these things in mind and it’ll surely help you lessen the potential dangers when parking your invaluable vehicle.