Tips for Organizing Groceries in Your Car


After spending hours at the grocery store, loading up the trunk of your car or SUV only to get home to a jumble of spilt bags, shattered cartons, and rolling soda bottles is so frustrating. Bags may fall over and spill their contents throughout the trunk as a result of your braking and turning. Here are a few easy methods for driving with groceries that won’t spill.

Clever Ways to Keep your Grocery Bags from Spilling in the Trunk

Groceries inside a plastic basket 

Bring a cardboard box or laundry basket for rolling items

A rolling watermelon can cause more damage to a trunk full of groceries than anything else. Melons and drink bottle the size of liters should be placed in a box or laundry basket to keep them from rolling around. These items should be kept apart from the other groceries by being placed in the back row footwells if you don’t have a container with you.

Buy a trunk organizer for delicate items

Even items that aren’t groceries can be separated into little or fragile objects in your trunk with the help of some relatively affordable trunk organizers. Invest in one so you can keep light boxes and jugs isolated from delicate or fragile products like eggs, cakes, and bread.

Bring some bubble wrap

Save that plastic the next time you receive a delivery with bubble wrap inside to protect the contents rather of throwing it away. The next time you buy a bunch of glass jars and bottles at the grocery store and don’t want them to knock against each other and break, it will come in handy. Place some bubble wrap inside each bag before placing it in the trunk to give the contents some padding. If you purchased wine bottles, this is very helpful because you don’t want them to break!

Use reusable bags lined with cardboard

Grocery store plastic bags are inexpensive and readily torn. Invest on reusable bags that are stronger, heavier duty, and much less likely to tear. Additionally, by cutting a cardboard rectangle, you may line the bottom of the bag to keep it flat and sturdy, strengthening them and preventing them from toppling over. The ecology benefits from the usage of strong tote bags and the recycling of old boxes for this new purpose.

Use hooks and nets

Did you know that many vehicles feature netting and hooks designed expressly for securing loose objects? They might be in your automobile and you’ve never noticed! See if you can find any hooks, nets, secret spaces, or under-the-floor storage by taking a peek around the trunk. When hauling groceries in your car, take use of the trunk’s design.

Add a car trunk shelf

Installing some shelves is an excellent idea if you have the room. You can use standard shelves or purchase shelves made specifically for trunks. Some car shelves just pop up or down depending on whether you need them. But while collecting groceries, putting a shelf in your car is really practical. So that you won’t have to worry about smashed snacks or crushed bread any longer, you can place some bags on the bottom level and some on the top shelf. For someone who lugs around a lot of stuff, automobile trunk shelves are also smart ideas.

Get a backseat organizer

You can get an organizer to place on the back seat if you want to maintain the majority of the space in your car trunk unoccupied. You can keep your trunk organized and provide your kids a place to put their belongings by hanging pockets or an organizer on the back of your car seat. This is particularly helpful if you need to put something large in the trunk or if you want to keep the floor of your trunk clear so that you can easily access stuff. Most shops that sell automotive accessories have a back seat organizer that you may find and buy.

Make your own organizer

There are several ways to construct your own car organizer using items from around the house if you don’t want to spend money buying a new organizer or item for the trunk of your car. Find any cardboard boxes or plastic containers that would fit nicely in your automobile by searching around your home. Even an old laundry basket will do! Simply be sure that whatever you choose to employ is strong enough to support all of your needs. If you need a small organizer for stuff like paper towels or jumper cables to keep in your car, you can even repurpose an old shower caddy. As a result, you can use anything from a large box or laundry box to a smaller shower caddy, depending on the size of the items you’ll be transporting in your car. Whatever you use, as long as it fits in your car and holds your belongings, is fine.

More Tips for Organizing Groceries in the Car

Consider carrying a cooler or insulated bag if you have perishable things, including meats or dairy products, to keep them refrigerated during the travel. Additionally, keep any bags or objects that you require quick access to, such as your shopping list or reusable bags, in the front passenger seat or within reach. Watch out for products that are temperature-sensitive. To prevent them from melting or deteriorating, keep foods like chocolate or ice cream away from heat sources like the back window or trunk. Finally, drive cautiously! To prevent objects from shifting or tipping over, take turns carefully and refrain from abrupt stops or accelerations.


Groceries inside paper bags

Put these suggestions and ideas into practice now that you know how to organize your trunk to enjoy a spotless and well-kept space! You’ll be able to drive in peace knowing that keeping loose items in their proper places can prevent you and your children from unexpected stops and that you’ll always be able to locate those tricky jumper cables. Enjoy sorting those vehicles!