Keeping a Car Interior Cool During Hot Weather

Beautiful clear blue skies and the sun shining may be a pleasant sight, but let’s face it, it’s getting hotter and hotter each year. In particular, drivers do not enjoy the experience of the intense heat and getting into a car parked under the hot sun. It feels like you’re being roasted alive, right? That is why, in this article, we are going to help you stay cool and get the most out of the sunny days by giving you tips on how to keep your car’s interior cool during hot weather.

1. Use a hand towel to cover your steering wheel

Even if you’re using a sunshade, it’s always a good idea to protect and cover your steering wheel using a small hand towel. This move will help to keep a low contact temperature on your steering wheel.

2. Use a dash cover

Buy an upholstered or fabric dash cover to help keep your car’s interior temperature more comfortable. Using a dash cover will not make you feel overwhelmed by the heat, and it can also help protect your car’s sensitive vinyl from sun damage that can cause fading and cracking.

3. Keep your possessions out of the sun

Keep your CDs, tapes, and other delicate stuff stored out of the path of direct sunlight. If possible, remove things placed above your dashboard and put them under your car’s seat. If you cannot remove them, you can also throw a blanket over them or try to put them in your vehicle’s trunk.

4. Park your car in a shady area

If it’s possible, try to park your vehicle in a shaded area, especially if you’re going to be somewhere for an extended period of time. Remember, it is always worth it to walk a little bit farther if it means keeping your car parked in the shade. You will be delighted to enter in a not-so-hot-car when you return from work or running your errands.

5. When possible, park your car in a garage

If there is a chance to park your car in a garage, do it. This way, your vehicle will not be under direct sunlight, and you will never have to worry because it is always under constant shade. Remember, parking your car in a warm garage will always be better than keeping it parked under the sun all day.

6. Keep your doors and windows open for a while after you get in

After you get in your hot car, it is best to keep your windows and doors open for a while to let hot air exit and cool air enter.

7. Keep your windows slightly open

It’s not a good idea to keep your windows all the way open. But it is a good idea to leave a slight crack. Just make sure that you cannot fit your arm through the gap in your window. That small crack can help promote adequate ventilation and keep your car cool.

8. Buy a solar-powered fan

Along with keeping your windows slightly cracked, having a solar-powered fan in your car can also help the temperature feel downright pleasant even during the hottest summer days. These solar-powered fans can help expel hot air away from your car by promoting constant air circulation. Thus, they lower your car’s overall temperature.

9. Put blankets over your seats

If your car has a leather or vinyl seats, you must be aware that they can be damaged significantly if exposed to high temperature and sunlight. In order to keep them cool during hot days, we suggest that you put blankets over them. When you return to your car, you can put these blankets in the trunk of your car or on the floorboards. Remember, keeping your car seats cool will add a more pleasant feeling during hot summer days.